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But the Welsh people after a simple bandage stood up, while the knee is still constantly Biao blood, after hemostasis treatment, Bell no less than FireWire, continue to NBA Live Mobile Coins fight. "Mr. billion" spent the beginning of the season after the hardships become increasingly good, now he has scored 18 goals, completed 15 assists, is the first in the history of the Spanish to complete the "double 15 +" players,


C Lo and Messi did not do it Buy FIFA 18 Coins. This season when C Lo is not the case, Bell into the 7 ball, proved that he was enough to be a big office. In fact, since February, Bell has been playing for Real Madrid for 14 consecutive games, and the field starting, which have proved that Bell's body has returned to the best, and April 16 against Barcelona's King's Cup final, is right His test again, the Welsh people can give a satisfactory answer?


 In this week's home team against Manchester United's Champions League life and death battle, Guardiola in Bayern on Augsburg's Bavarian derby, the starting lineup for a big rotation. "Lobri" are not starting, the young 90 after the teenager Weizelle and Salisbury two back guard. This is undoubtedly Bayern was not very solid defense has become a serious danger, the game, the Austrian Fort is also by virtue of the impact of the wings, continue to create opportunities, and by Molde first shot into a winning goal.


Melon handsome see the situation is not good, the second half of the series with the grid change for the sand Qi Li, with Alabah replaced Sali, with Muller replaced Pizarro, three substitutions also played a certain effect, but in the Austrian Fort Tight defense, Bayern Although the possession of the ball high, but still hard to find opportunities, 90 minutes Battle, Bayern had to accept the fate of 0: 1 failure. For Bayern, the loss to Augsburg is undoubtedly a distant memory, the last loss to the neighbor or 53 years ago.

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